Jaime Sloan headshot

Getting to Know Jaime Sloan

Jaime Sloan, CPA, has been with UofL Health since February 2020. As an Internal Audit manager with UofL Health – Compliance, Risk & Audit Services, Jaime reviews UofL Health’s internal controls and processes to ensure that risks are mitigated and performs internal audits such as physician contracting, release of information, opioid prescriptions, payroll and more.

Gina Stevenson headshot

Getting to Know Gina Stevenson

Gina Stevenson, MSN, RN, has been with UofL Health for 20 years. As an infection preventionist with UofL Health – UofL Hospital, Gina is involved in many different areas. She and her team ensure that everyone is following evidence-based guidelines and standards in almost all areas of the facility, including nursing departments, lab, engineering and many others.