The needs of our patients come first

Focused on Patients

I will commit to zero harm.

I will:

  • Hold myself and other team members accountable to a patient safety culture
  • Correctly identify patients, using two patient identifiers, at each and every encounter
  • Report all safety issues, including errors, near misses and good catches
  • Maintain a quiet, clean, healing environment
  • Answer call lights in a timely manner

I strive to make every experience patient-centered by demonstrating caring and compassionate behaviors to those I care for and work with.

I will:

  • Do all I can to ensure a positive patient experience
  • Acknowledge and follow up on any concerns
  • Respect the dignity and privacy of our patients at all times
  • Listen and communicate with care,courtesy and concern
  • Choose to have a positive attitude
  • Demonstrate an attitude of compassion, empathy, and respect for all customers
  • Recognize our customers are not an interruption; they are our reason for being here
  • Be polite to everyone
  • Show respect for all team members, regardless of their position and treat every co-worker as a professional

We Treat Every Patient Like Family

I will conduct myself professionally in my work with the highest regard for our customers.

I will: 

  • Take customers to their destination
  • Knock and ask permission before entering their room; ensure their gown is closed properly and they are modestly covered when walking or in a wheelchair, etc.
  • Acknowledge and greet every customer with a hello and a smile following the 10/5 Rule
  • Reserve convenient parking for our customers by parking in designated employee parking areas
  • Use appropriate language at all times when speaking or sending email
  • Refrain from using any electronic communication device for personal business while working; for example, remove earbuds from ears
  • Refrain from using patient waiting areas for work breaks
  • Limit personal conversations with other team members in the presence of patients and family members
  • Follow the principles of A.1.D.E.T. and LEARN to address customer concerns
Nurse and Patient