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Facilities Engineering E-Service Work Order Request

Facilities Engineering takes care of lights, electric, medical gases, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. If you need to report an issue related to the previous topics, please click on your facility.

Frazier Rehabilitation Institute

Heart Hospital

Jewish Hospital (main building)

Jewish Hospital (Outpatient Care Center/Hand Care Center)

Mary & Elizabeth Hospital

Medical Center East

Medical Center Northeast

Peace Hospital

Shelbyville Hospital

South Hospital

UofL Hospital

UofL Physicians

Clinical Engineering E-service Work Order Requests

Clinical Engineering takes care of medical equipment, patient monitors, imaging and laboratory devices. If you need to report an issue, please use the new portal (effective May 8, 2024). For more information, visit the Clinical Engineering page on the intranet.

All NON-STAT work orders can be submitted via the Self-Service Portal link:

Hospital Access Code: UOFLHEALTH

UofL Health – Employee Health Contacts

  • UofL Hospital: 502-217-1068
  • Jewish Hospital: 502-587-4240
  • Mary & Elizabeth Hospital: 502-361-6430
  • Peace Hospital: 502-479-4169
  • UofL Physicians: 502-588-0376
  • Shelbyville Hospital: 502-647-4167

UofL Health – Human Resources

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UofL Health – Information Technology

Self-service Portal

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Media Relations

Media Relations Hotline: 502-588-4444